“Only if I can wear a one-piece”.

Nic’s text to Jodi, in August of 2012, a yes to playing a last minute show with her, after recently meeting her, having a jam and a cup of coffee.

Each show since, which has been over 10 in and around Edmonton in 2013, Jodi has been disappointed not to see the one-piece which she imagines could only be a perfect replica of something Elvis wore in the 70’s. One can only hope to see it along with Pretty Taken in 2014, while they tour western Canada to support their upcoming album release.

Jodi Tychkowsky and Nicholas Popowich are Pretty Taken, a Canadian indie-folk duo. Their debut album, There’s an Echo Now contains Jodi’s songs, supported by Nic’s guitar and vocals and is scheduled to be released in early May 2014.

Nic and Jodi are each-others biggest fans, this allows them to adopt each others songs like they are their own. Pretty Taken is lead by Jodi, imperfect and earnest behind her guitar, with her happily sad songs about frozen pipes and Billy the Kid. With a fragile voice, she quietly breaks off lyrics, one by one, for you to hold in your hands. Nic supports her with songwriting, harmonizing vocals, and a low ambient guitar. He’s the guardian to their uniquely peripheral sound. Their songs triumphantly surge out of their own restraint, while their voices blend with the warmth of whisky and honey or some other soothing old-time remedy, perfect for the dark and cold winter nights of the prairies.

Recently, they’ve been joined by rock and roller Erin Ottosen, who’s rounding out their sound with drums.

Pretty Taken invites you to check out their debut album and to come hear them live at their upcoming shows.

Sounds like: Justin Rutledge, Sarah Harmer, Joni Mitchell, The Shivers, She and Him and the Civil Wars.

Genre: Singer-Songwriter, Folk, Alt-Country, Indie-Folk