“Figured it out”5 Track EP

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Performed at Polar Park Brewery / Dec 22, 2018

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W/ Eva Foote & Swear by the Moon

w/ Boreal Sons & Darren Frank

w/ Mike Dominey & King of Foxes

w/ Kadence & Nathan, Erin Ottosen & Private in Public

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Jodi Tychkowsky, Nicholas Popowich and Erin Ottosen are Pretty Taken, an Edmonton-based indie-folk/alt-country band. Their new 5-song EP, Figured It Out, is arriving in spring 2020.Pretty Taken features Jodi, imperfect and earnest behind her guitar, singing her happily sad songs about earthquakes, roses and time. With a fragile, sweet voice, she offers lyrics to you, one by one, for you to hold in your hands. Nic stands beside her with his own sharp songwriting, rich baritone vocals, and a low ambient guitar. Their songs triumphantly surge out of their own restraint while their voices blend with the warmth of some soothing old-time remedy that keeps you warm like whiskey on a cold prairie night. Bringing all the pieces together is the drumming of Erin, who provides a firm and lively foundation for Jodi and Nic’s uniquely endearing tunes.Jodi and Nic formed Pretty Taken in 2012 after Jodi’s folk-pop band Broken Clouds dispersed and Nic’s projects, Bunkeye and My Favourite Lou, wrapped up. In 2014, they released their debut album, There’s An Echo Now, as a duo. In the same year, they decided to round out their live sound with drums, and Erin joined the band. Since then, Erin’s drumming has become a crucial part of the band’s sound, adding fullness, momentum and groove.
In 2015, Pretty Taken took a break from making music to make babies. Now that Jodi’s son and Nic’s daughters have grown out of the baby stage, Jodi, Nic and Erin are excited to reunite and bring Pretty Taken back to the world for choice gigs and festivals.