Track of the Day – Killing Moon Records – London

So Dangers Of Winter helps us out a fair bit in this respect. We read somewhere that it is about the water mains bursting when the weather gets cold, but we reckon it is a bit deeper than that. These lyrics are too beautifully sad, and in our head we’re conjuring up images of Joni Mitchell penning a song together with Keaton Henson. We’ve also written down citations such as Regina Spektor going real emo, and The Organ have lost their mind and gone acoustic; perhaps applicable here, but more likely further indications that we really need to get out of here.

Vue Weekly – Tom Murray –  Edmonton

It makes life so much easier for music journalists when you provide them with interview questions at the bottom of your press release.

Especially when you’re not expecting them to be used for the basis of an interview. In fact, that makes it even better! The stream-of-consciousness characteristics listed by Edmonton Indie-Folk duo Pretty Taken (Jodi Tychkowsky and Nicholas Popowich) do a much better job describing the band than any standard interview ever could, so we’ve taken the liberty of calling Tychkowsky on them as she talks about the pair’s debut album, There’s an Echo Now…