As a marketing professional or digital marketer, you are your business’s voice. And it’s all about the quality of this voice. You will have to take responsibility for key tasks, like content creation and social media marketing. Or digital communication with your customers. These things can’t be delegated and much less automated. However, if you have some handy tools at your disposal, you’re going to speed up your work and achieve better results. This is where digital marketing design tools come in handy.

Digital marketing agencies are familiar with most of these tools and resources, but for those just getting started, you may want to bookmark this article. The purpose is to give the new marketer an idea of what’s out there. I’ve included a handy comparison chart so you can get a quick idea of what they do.

Digital marketing has become a necessity for businesses of all types. While it can be a bit overwhelming knowing that you have to carry out an array of tasks to keep your website visible, social accounts active, and more; there are plenty of tools that make it simpler.